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The Drag Car Sales Site
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This document is available online at http://www.drag.race-cars.com/adkit.htm.

The Drag Car Sales Site TOP
The Drag Car Sales Site, www.drag.race-cars.com, was created to provide an Internet marketplace for drag racing cars. This function has been provided by niche magazines and specialist publications. By taking advantage of the unique delivery capabilities of the Internet we have created a new, highly efficient, interactive, and involving marketplace for motorsports participants. The site has attracted a rapidly growing viewership which currently rivals the circulation of print publications in this market. We attempt to update site content daily and are constantly adding new features.

This race car sales marketplace provides an excellent location for motor racing specialist firms to reach their target audience. The site also delivers an audience of exceptional demographics to businesses interested in reaching affluent, upscale consumers.

The site has been online since February 1999. It has been developed in-house by race-cars.com, ltd. The site is supported by a dedicated web server operated by the firm.

The site has been developed with a consistent, conservative, and image-intensive look. The market for racing cars is international and pre-sales activity is supported by photographs. Our site is optimized for delivering multiple high-quality images of every car on offer, available in various sizes to match connection speed. We are much appreciated by our audience for the depth of visual material we provide. To further support this photo-oriented approach we have agreements with many trackside photographers to use their material, allowing us to supplement technical material with stunning action shots. Plans are also underway to offer video clips.

A distinctve logo was developed for the site. Based on a single black square from auto racing's checkered flag, it was designed to stand out prominently on a cluttered classified advertising page. Black and white squares, small photographs, and manufacturer's badges are used throughout the site as navigational icons. The site features a very well thought out structure and navigational scheme.

The site is extensively supported by print ads in the classified sections of many of the publications which feature race car sales. These print placements include every issue of the following:
"National Dragster" the weekly magizine of NHRA
"Drag Review" The biweekly magizine of IHRA

We are experiencing extremely rapid growth in viewership. The rapid growth of the Internet will continue to provide us with new international customer bases. The worldwide race car buyers market is in the hundreds of thousands. For example, Motorsport is massively popular in South America and is rapidly accelerating in the Pacific Rim and Asia as those countries develop automobility. Drag Racing is particularly popular outside the U.S. in Australia, Scandanvia, and the U.K. The following tables lists our actual monthly page loads and unique hosts. The name of the month in the tables is a link to the detailed site statistics for that month.

Site Traffic 2000
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers13,07014,85718,09217,77118,18917,550 18,99122,51721,37526,76031,34837,169
Page Loads296,888 334,830448,722 408,611398,995 379,312434,534 546,265565,594 800,417917,505 1,120,054
Site Traffic 2001
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers43,98439,70540,53835,47634,31930,044 32,47734,92827,81733,16933,65726,823
Page Loads1,248,889 1,089,4871,143,581 902,979951,915 861,830963,078 946,552646,159 938,471892,631 578,059**
Site Traffic 2002
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers28,97228,32332,987*34,384*30,37830,976 33,80343,89647,39951,34440,83940,729
Page Loads651,081** 603,053**736,527* 905,215*832,607 835,781965,367 1,170,2441,114,186 1,202,023997,944 889,130
Site Traffic 2003
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers42,55237,19731,23726,96125,70923,734 27,55630,53532,16931,38631,64633,142
Page Loads1,052,612 795,789657,022 643,505588,306 526,181514,055 539,178605,234 644,265661,945 576,524
Site Traffic 2004
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers35,96234,41339,23636,47330,70526,581 29,12032,14334,12430,63432,76933,128
Page Loads612,276 576,224707,223 658,241674,821 633,809713,403 825,567800,196 756,388891,007 822,579
Site Traffic 2005
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers36,08834,11637,44029,13029,68927,743 28,20229,23028,26227,82827,04028,188
Page Loads906,469 833,595933,841 730,760737,577 722,165717,617 812,961744,797 791,292729,949 703,331
Site Traffic 2006
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers33,68433,08538,36336,37428,63425,241 26,05331,29434,28533,68231,18030,030
Page Loads797,344 742,049839,245 784,143699,981 691,368657,285 725,117755,317 773,911727,190 734,569
Site Traffic 2007
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers32,58031,97932,59630,90829,71430,285 32,44631,19929,02634,431!29,23029,834
Page Loads688,066 662,747682,693 624,909656,216 576,004672,602 642,425538,559 693,782!578,880 578,726
Site Traffic 2008
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers32,52529,75434,06831,53930,22628,128 27,40426,48126,42227,32426,98326,288
Page Loads574,211 534,256569,973 539,338517,198 504,198520,634 477,214508,047 522,088528,775 533,284
Site Traffic 2009
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers29,14925,85827,82425,92034,50925,188 48,13425,42526,59927,87927,13228,336
Page Loads512,918 403,199432,117 447,519552,771 525,6621,113,489 595,576659,641 680,001708,747
Site Traffic 2010
Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Viewers28,80225,82927,86824,43923,39021,403 23,59724,01624,10823,56423,56322,687
Page Loads633,795 449,993518,832 573,684614,133 483,327579,352 552,296589,872 576,475692,095 705,315
Site Traffic 2011
Jan. Feb. March April
Page Loads815,913 743,391589,539 766,290
! extrapolated from 26 day data
* estimated from partial data
** The Drag Racing message boards were taken down for a major upgrade during this period resulting in a
    temporary decrease in total traffic although traffic on the rest of the site continued to increase.

See Also: Combined and Road Racing Site Stats   Circle Track Racing Site Stats

Equivalent Print Costs
As an example of the costs of reaching this market through conventional media we quote advertising rates for "National Dragster", the official magazine of the NHRA, and "Drag Review", the official magazine of the IHRA. We also include circulation figures and our projected "match date", the point in time that we expect to match that circulation figure with our monthly viewership based on a 20% monthly growth rate.

Available Buys
Site Sponsor
As full site sponsor an advertiser will have the opportunity to implement cutting edge Internet advertising concepts which extend far beyond the conventional banner ad. The Sponsor's identity would be distributed throughout the site, with linked logos on every page as well as prominent content on major directory pages. The opportunity exists for the sponsor to develop and distribute content on the site and conduct market research online. The only advertising material we would place on our Home Page would be that of a site sponsor.

Potential site sponsors include national brands with an existing involvement in Motorsport such as Miller Racing, Coca-Cola, Marlboro, Texaco/Havoline. Also, advertisers currently involved as series sponsors in Drag Racing such as Federal Mogul, Snap On Tools, and Craftsman are candidates. This is also an excellent opportunity for an established specialist publication or business serving the motor racing community.

As a straight media purchase site sponsorship is available as a minimum quarterly buy. Based on a CPM of $100 and a conservative 10% monthly growth rate the sponsorship cost for the first quarter of 1999 would be $17,000, for the year it would be $110,000. This represents excellent value for the advertiser as our viewership growth rate is currently 3 times the projected rate.

Partial Site Sponsor
It is also possible for an advertiser to sponsor a significant segment of the site, such as all pages which present photographs. This would be a logical purchase for a firm in the imaging business, such as a film or camera manufacturer.

Banner Ad Placements
We have a banner ad program currently in place. Banner locations are available on virtually every page of the site. Placement costs are determined by the viewership of the location, as measured by page loads or "impressions". By employing locations on the site with different traffic levels we can design a campaign for a wide range of budgets. This also provides advertisers with the ability to "own" a particular location in the site which may be related to their business. Only one banner ad will be run per page.

We are basing our banner placement costs on a CPM of $100 per 1000 page loads or impressions, minimum placement 1 month based on the statistics from the preceeding month. We also offer a fixed price placement option, for a 3 month period, which is based on the projected exposures for the location assuming a conservative 10% monthly growth rate. This is excellent value as our current growth rate is over three times that level. Longer term buys are available to advertisers wishing to sponsor a specific site location.

Since our viewership is growing so rapidly the cost for a specific location will escalate. For advertisers wishing to maintain a constant level of expenditure we can offer a Fixed-Cost Placement Program. Under this program if a given location generates more traffic than the advertiser wishes to commit to we can move his banner to related pages which will generate an equivalent level of traffic, keeping his costs, and exposure, constant.

We have no billing system, rates are based on EFT payment prior to placement. Every month we make the previous month's viewing statistics available on the site. This way the advertiser can directly monitor the performance of his placement. If we are hosting the advertiser's support material we can also provide "click-through" rates.

Banner content can either be provided by the advertiser or generated by us for an authoring fee of $50 per hour. Typical static banners are produced from advertiser's existing web material or other promotional material in a few hours. Banner ads usually are links to additional content for the advertiser, such as their web site or catalog pages. For advertisers who currently do not have a web presence we can produce additional content pages at very reasonable cost. With our affiliated site design firm, WDC Inc., we can provide complete content generation. You can view some of the campaigns we have developed on our Advertiser Index page

Descriptions of available site locations follow.

Available Locations
Drag Car Sales Pages

Message Boards
One of the most popular features on the website is our interactive Message Boards. They consist of three self-post message boards, where viewers can enter postings about race car parts for sale, parts wanted, and a general forum for requests for information, etc. Other viewers can then post follow-up messages to conduct dialogues. Race cars are very limited production vehicles with often severe parts availability problems. The trade in race car parts has always been very active.

These locations are high traffic locations especially suitable for communications companies and motorsports suppliers and manufacturers.
Average Placement Cost per Page
PageJan. 1999Q1 1999Q4 1999 (projected)
Message Boards(3)$125.$415.$2,680.
Individual Messages(400+)$4.$14.$90.

Reference Pages
Upcoming Features
The site is under continuous development. Many new features are planned which will provide excellent opportunities for advertiser participation. A separate document on these planned site enhancements is available.

Banner Ads Banner ads are 468 by 60 pixel horizontal rectangles which can contain content specified by the advertiser. They are usually links to one or more pages of additional content for that advertiser. Banners are usually placed at the top of the page, just below page headers.
CPM Cost per Thousand impressions. CPMs can vary widely depending upon the medium and intensity of exposure, from a dollar for roadside billboards to $200 for direct marketing order placement calls. Costs are somtimes expressed as CPI or cost per individual impression.
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer or interbank wire transfer
Hits Internet jargon for a request for an item from a server. Initially used as a measure of viewer impressions but not really valid as such. If a page contains text and two graphics this would be reported as 3 hits, since graphics are requested separately from the page. It is really a measure of server activity.
Impressions Advertising term for viewer exposures applied from everything to roadside billboards to magazine page views.
Link An element on a web page which when clicked on by a mouse transports the viewer to another location. Links can be either colored underlined text or graphics, such as an icon, logo, or photo.
Page Loads A server statistic reporting the number of requests for web pages. Unlike "hits" it is a valid measure of viewer impressions since it is not inflated by requests for graphics contained on the page.
Pixel Abbreviation for Picture Element, the basic building block for digital pictures, it is the smallest resolvable spot in the image which can be of various colors. Typical computer monitor image sizes are 640 by 480 and 800 by 600 pixels, horizontal and vertical.
Unique Hosts A statistic reported by a web server which identifies the number of unique locations (hosts) on the Internet which have requested material from the server. It is used as an approximate measure of viewership. Viewership is usually about 10% higher since multiple viewers can access the Internet from the same host.
Web Server A computer system responsible for providing content on-demand to the Internet. The server consists of both hardware (a computer), and software designed to deliver World Wide Web pages to remote viewer's browsers. Web servers record statistics on all content delivered to viewers, allowing detailed use analysis.

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