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Saving Photos to Disk

Using your browser you can save photos to disk to view them later. You can also save them to a floppy disk which you can carry around with you. This lets you view and print photos on another computer with a better display or printer, or just show them to a friend. A standard 3-1/2 inch floppy disk can hold about 20 4x6 photos or 60 wallet size photos!

Go to the page which shows the photo you want to save. Now, load just the photo without the border. To do this you must have the location (address) bar active at the top of the browser window. Replace the "htm" at the end of the filename with "jpg". (To do this click in the location bar just to the right of the "htm", the text edit cursor appears, backspace 3 times to delete "htm" and type in "jpg") Hit "Enter". Just the picture should appear. If your browser will not let you do this then you must do a File|Open Location and type in the complete name which appears in the Location Bar, replacing the "htm" with "jpg".

Now you can save the photo to disk. Click on File on the top white menu. A pop-up menu will appear. Click on Save As and a file selection menu will appear. Make sure that your hard drive or floppy drive is selected. Floppy drives are usually A: or B:. For floppy drives make sure to put a blank disk in the drive. Click on OK and you're done. Make sure to wait for the light on the floppy drive to go out before you remove the disk.


Each photo on our web site has a unique filename so you do not have to worry about making up filenames for photos you wish to save. Your browser will automatically use our filenames. Filenames are usually made up of eight numbers and letters and photo files are always of type ".jpg". The first six letters of the name are usually made by taking the first letter of the manufacturer's name, the model number, and the serial number of the particular car. For instance, Lotus 23 serial number 23-S-93 would be l23s93. We then add a letter to indicate the photo type, "w" for wallet, and "p" for 4x6 print. The final letter identifies which particular image, using the letters a-z. So, a 4x6 print of the second image of the Lotus 23 would be "l23s93pb.jpg". The page containing the photo with the border and navigation links has the same name as the photo but with the extension "htm".

Viewing Saved Files

You can view or print photos saved on disk using your browser without an Internet connection open. Start your browser but cancel the connection.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer select File, then Open then Open File. You will now be at the file selection menu. Select files type .JPG from the file type menu, select the drive and directory where you stored the photo files, and you should see a list of the ones you saved.

For Netscape Navigator select File, then Open File. You are now in the file selection menu. Type "*.jpg" in the filename window and select the drive and directory where you put the files.

Double click on a file and the browser will bring it up on screen. You can then view or print it without incurring connect time charges.

You can also view and print the photo files with any browser which supports .jpeg or .jpg files. The QuickTime Picture Viewer supplied with the Apple QuickTime Movie Viewer is an example.

You may want to print this web page for reference later.

Use your browser BACK button or GO/BACK menu to return to the page you were on.


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