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Photo Format Information

The smaller photos are in a format designed for fast loading. The image is similar to a large business card or wallet sized photo. You can print them larger or zoom in on them with an image viewer but quality will suffer. These images should take 10-20 seconds to load.

The larger photos are designed to produce higher quality images similar to a 4 by 6 inch photographic print. These images can take up to a minute to load.


Both photo formats can reproduce up to 16 million colors, nearly as good as the human eye can see. Many display adapters can only display 256 colors but the results still look very good. If you have a 256 color display but high quality color printer the printer output will look better than the display. Newer displays can produce 65K (thousand or "high color") or 16M (million or "true color") colors. If you have a newer display adapter make sure that it is set for the highest possible number of colors. Photos displayed on these systems will often look better than a photographic print.

If the photos on your display appear mostly in shades of gray or if they appear grainy like a sand painting your display is probably only producing 16 colors. It may be possible to change the software display driver to produce 256 colors or more. If you save the photos to disk they will be saved in 16 million color format and you can display them on a system with a better display at another time.

Download Times

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND at least a 14400 modem for Internet access. If the photos are loading very slowly you have a low speed modem, or you have a slow dial-up service. You can change both. Some of the large national services are heavily over-subscribed. Sometimes a local Internet Service Provider can offer much better performance. Also, peak usage hours are 6-8PM and things are slowest then.

Display Format

All of the pages on this site are designed to look best with a display format of at least 800x600 pixels. For IBM compatibles the original Windows display format was 640x480. If you are only running 640x480 you may be able to switch to 800x600 or larger. You must make sure your monitor is capable of running the higher resolution.

Known Problems

Some versions of the AOL browser supplied with AOL 2.5 will produce blurry images with the default settings. To correct this select "Prefs" from the browser top menu line, then hit the button labelled "Uncompressed Graphics". This causes AOL to transmit the graphics as we send them without applying additional compression. We have already compressed our photos as much as possible so any additional compression hurts image quality. As far as we know the 3.0 browser defaults to uncompressed.
Use your browser BACK button or GO/BACK menu to return to the page you were on.


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