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Supercharger-related parts (long list)

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Author: Nate   June 24, 2011 at 03:27:30  from

Have the following blower-related parts available:

--Bowers magneisum bearing plate, $50

--SBC idler plate (vintage, stamped "327"), $35

--BBC idler plate, polished but needs scratches buffed back out, $40

--BBC aluminum timing cover/idler plate (one piece), with cast aluminum 6" extension housing (no guts) mounted, $75

--Earlier machine shop-made snout housing for stock GMC cover, no guts, for approximately 4" snout, $20

--Single V-groove insert for lower 3" wide blower pulley, asymmetrical pattern, $25

--Finned aluminum Nicson timing cover for Ford FE (can run mechanical cam-driven fuel or H2O pump, $125

--Finned aluminum Nicson timing cover for Pontiac V8 (can run mechanical cam-driven fuel or H2O pump, has Neovane H2O pump mounted, $140

--RCD Kevlar belt for 8mm, 3" wide, 1600mm, never used, $80

--Pair of 4-71 rotors, $65

--Pulley: 28T 14mm, 3" wide, $40

--Pulley: 26T 13.9mm, 3" wide, $40

--Pulley: 69T 8mm, 3" wide, $65

--Pulley: 68T 8mm, 3" wide, $65

--Pulley: 50T 14mm, 3" wide, magnesium, $85

--Pulley: 28T 13.9mm, magnesium, 3" wide, with 5/8" offset, $60

--Pulley: 40T 13.9mm, 3" wide, $60

--Pulley: 41T 13.9mm, 3" wide, $60…. Also have another one of these w/ a couple teeth that could stand to be filed for $50

--Pulley: 36T 1/2" pitch, 2-1/2" wide, smaller bolt pattern on 1-5/8" register (might be a motorcycle belt-drive pulley???), $25

OK… I think that’s it for now. If you see something you’d like to buy, then hit me up DIRECT at blown394olds@yahoo.com

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