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91 Dodge Daytona
Ride #1058375864
Posted: Wed Jul 16, 12:17 PM EST
This ride has been viewed 005937 times

Owner's Name: Joe Olejniczak Ask the Owner a Question:
Owner's Username: Cudajoe Ask Question or View Answers
Ride Rating: Rate This Ride
Number of Reviews: 3 Read All Reviews
Number of Votes This Month: 0 Vote for This Ride
Second Place January 2012 Third Place January 2010
Second Place November 2007 Second Place June 2007
Second Place May 2007 Third Place November 2006
Second Place June 2005

Car fully updated in 2002 by F&R Chassis in Johnsonville,NY

Performance Data
Class: S/C S/ET
Weight: 2075 lbs
60 Foot Time: 1.18 sec 1/8 Mile Time: 5.1 sec 1/4 Mile Time: 8.30 sec
1/8 Mile Speed: 134 mph 1/4 Mile Speed: 164 mph
Track: Lebanon Valley Dragway
Technical Data
Engine: 383 Stroker Small Block- W8 Heads- Sheet metal intake with 2 1050 Davinci Carbs. Glide with 9" Ford 4.86 Gears. 16X32 Goodyears
Chassis: Full Chrome Moly Chassis
Body/Paint: Fiberglass Body
Wheels/Tires: Centerline Rims

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