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Site Search Instructions

Short Instructions

1) Type the words to search for in the input box.
2) Click on the "Search" button ONCE.
Refine or change your search by adding to or replacing the words in the input box.
Select a different area to search using the click buttons.
User your browser BACK button to return to the search page now.

Long Instructions

Our site search engine allows you to search specific sections of our website for pages which contain one or more key words which you can specify. You can also perform an advanced search by creating logical expressions using keywords

First, select the section of the site you wish to search by clicking on one of the buttons or the link. A default selection is made for you depending upon where you entered the search engine from. For instance, if you click on "Site Search" on the Home Page, the default search area is Cars For Sale. If you click on "Search" on one of the Message Boards, the default search area is that Message Board. You are only allowed to search one site section at a time.

Second, type the word or words you wish to seach for in the input box. If you wish to get a list of all Lotus cars for sale select the "Cars For Sale" section and type in "lotus". If you wish to find a list of all red Lotus cars for sale in France type "lotus red france". The search words may only be formed from the alphabetic, numeric, and advanced search characters [a-z, A-Z, 0-9, (*)].

Finally, click ONCE on the "Search" button.

After a short delay you will be presented with a new copy of the search page which contains the search criteria you specified followed by a list of search results. The results are hyper-links so you can click on them and go directly to that page. You can search another section for the same word(s) by clicking on another section button. You can refine your search by adding additional words in the input box. You can start a completely new search by replacing the current word by new ones. Begin the next search by clicking on the "Search" button again.

The site is constantly changing, therefore the search index of the site is rebuilt every night. This means any given day's additions will not show up in the site search until the next day.

Happy Hunting!

Use your browser BACK button or GO/BACK menu to return to the search page you were on.


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