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The Speed Shop is a new marketplace we have created to specifically meet the needs of our viewers. The Speed Shop is not an auction, it is a fixed price, variable duration marketplace. You set your asking price and you can list the item until it sells, for up to 6 months! Whether you are a business, power seller, or just a guy with some extra parts who wants some visiblility for his listing, the Speed Shop gives you the following advantages:

Online Purchasing
Buyers can purchase your item online right on the site and send you payment via PayPal or PayByCheck.com. No more messing around with mailing checks, etc. Paypal is more suitable for smaller transactions charging a fixed percentage while PayByCheck.com is more suitable for larger transactions, charging a fixed fee per check. A merchant account with Paypal or an account with PayByCheck.com is required. Of course, you can still accept payment via checks in the mail if you wish.

Secure Payment
Payments via PayPal or PayByCheck are secure. Anti-fraud protection is provided by the payment solution providers.

Qualified Buyers
Buyers who purchase online are authenticated by the payment solution provider. Buyers who purchase by check must be registered. This eliminates cranks and bogus buyers. We will pursue fraud and have the ability to ban problem buyers.

Privacy Email
Your email address is never visible on the site. Anyone wishing to email you must register and emails to you are via forms which conceal your email address, keeping you from being a target for spammers.

Featured Listings
By making your listing a featured listing you can insure that it will always be displayed in a special featured items list at the top of any page on which it appears for optimum visibility. Your listing will also be randomly selected to appear on the Speed Shop Home Page.

Photo Listings
You can upload photos and your listing will get a thumbnail photo where ever it appears. A clickable thumbnail will appear on your item's page which will link to the full size photo, and your listing will also appear in a special photo gallery.

Highlighted Listings
You can make your listing stand out by selecting optional Bold or Highlighted fonts.

Free Hit Counters
Every item listed gets a free hit counter so you can tell how many times your item's page has been visited.

Listing Categories
We have created listing categories for all common racing items so your item can be easily located by potential buyers. Buyers don't have to scan the entire inventory if they are looking for one particular item but they can also choose to view all items.

Support for Multiple Item Quantities
The Speed Shop Listing allows you to specify an item quantity if you have more than one of the same item. The quantity is automatically reduced as each item is sold and when the last item is sold the listing automatically ends. Even better, buyers can purchase any quantity up to the total quantity listed for that item.

Guaranteed Listing Duration
You can decide how long to list your items, you receive an email when your listing time has expired, and you can extend the duration of the listing without having to relist. Listings can be extended up to 6 months. Listings in the Message Boards typically fall off after less than 2 weeks and you have to relist from scratch.

Promote Your Identity
If you're a business or power seller you can include your trade name on your listing. You can also advertise on the Speed Shop by placing your own banner ad in the Speed Shop rotation.

NEW! List Engines and Transmissions
We have eliminated the Message Board restriction on listing of complete engines and transmissions on the Speed Shop. You can now easily list your big ticket items yourself.

Low Listing Fees
List any eligable item, no matter what the price, for only 50 cents per month for a basic listing with a low final value fee. Our fees are far below Ebay (see our detailed comparison) and you can list your item for as long as it takes to sell, no rushed auction. Also, with over 100,000 racer viewers, our audience has the buyer for your parts.

Sign-up Credit
If you sign-up to list on the Speed Shop we give you a $5 credit which will pay for 10 basic listings! You can earn an additional $5 credit for every new user your refer to the Speed Shop. If you're new to PayPal they will give you a $5 sign up credit too!

If you would like more infomation about how the Speed Shop works please consult the Speed Shop FAQs.

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