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Frequently Asked Questions

For Buyers: For Sellers: If you have a difficulty with the Speed Shop please email the administrator.

Do I Need to be a Registered User to Shop or Make Purchases?

You do not need to be a registered user to shop at the Speed Shop. You also do not need to be a registered user to purchase an item using Paypal or PayByCheck.com if the seller has provided these payment methods. You DO need to register if you wish to purchase an item using the "Buy via Check" purchase method, which is a paper check sent by US Mail. You need to register to use this payment method so we can validate your identity and provide your shipping information to the seller.


How Do I Find a Particular Item I'm Looking For?

There are many ways to locate items on the Speed Shop. Probably the fastest is to use the grey Search Bar which appears just under the top navigation links on every Speed Shop page. Just type in a word describing what you need and hit "Search". There is also an Advanced Search which allows you to specify a price range and restrict the search to a particular category or sub-category.

While we're on the subject of categories, this is another way to locate items. All Speed Shop items are listed in a category and sub-category. A list of all the categories appears on the Speed Shop Home Page. (The little digits are the quantity of items currently listed in that category). Click on a category and you are taken to another page which lists the sub-categories for that category, again with item quantities. If you then click on a sub-category you are taken to the list of items in that sub-category. You can get a complete list of all categories and sub-categories on the Site Map.


How Do I Find Out More About a Posted Item?

If you have any questions about an item by all means contact the seller and ask them (not us!). Click on the "Ask Question or View Answers" link found on the item page. You can ask about the condition of the item, payment and shipment terms, or anything else not already spelled out in the item's description. Your question (and the seller's answer) appear here on a mini message board for the item. Although we notify the seller by email of your question you do not receive an email reply, instead the seller posts to this board. Check back at this question and answer board to get the seller's reply.


Can I Purchase Quantities of an Item?

Absolutely! You can purchase any amount up to the total quantity available. If the item quantity is greater than one the "Purchase Quantity" shown just above the Total Price on the item display is a field in which you can enter the quantity you wish to purchase. Be sure to hit the 'Update" button next to that field. The item display will then be revisd to show a total price for the new purchase quantity and if you select a purchase option that quantity will be purchased.


How Do I Find New Items Which Have Been Listed?

There is a separate list of NEW items for the entire Speed Shop and each Category. The list of ALL items in a category or in the Speed Shop is ordered by ending time, with the soonest at the top. This way you can tell which items are about to end. The lists of NEW items are ordered by posting time, most recent first, so the items at the top are the newest.

The default time for including items in NEW item lists is the same as the time for displaying an item with a "NEW" icon, currently 3 days. You can change this on any NEW item list by entering a different number of days on the top right of the list. In this way you can look at what items have been posted for any number of days prior to today. If you haven't visited for a week, set the days to 7 and you'll see everything whic has been posted since you last visited.


How do I Post an item for sale?

Posting your items for sale is easy. To start, click on Sell Your Item here or at the top or bottom of any Speed Shop screen. This takes you to a login screen. If you have not already registered click on the Register button (if you have registered just fill in your username and password and go to the next paragraph). You are taken to a form where you enter your desired username and your email address and some basic contact formation. You are then taken back to the login screen with your new username already filled in. Our system emails you your password, usually within a few seconds. Save this email! Cut and paste the password from the email into the login form and hit the Login button. (Later, if you like, you can change your password to something easy to remember using Change Password.)

You are first taken to a screen which asks if you have a picture to upload for your listing. You can upload any GIF, JPEG, or BMP picture which is on your computer. If you do have a picture you select it using the normal file selection window for your system, and it is uploaded for you. After you upload it you can check it to see if it arrived OK and if not you can try again. Once you have your picture uploaded, or if you don't have a picture, you are taken to a form to enter the information for your listing.

Once the posting form is filled in to your satisfaction, hit the Preview button. The system shows how the posted item will look. If you like what you see, click on the Add Item button and the item is listed. If not, you can also go back and make changes to anything about the listing at this point.

You will be notified automatically by e-mail if the item sells, or if the listing ends without selling. Feel free to repost unsold items.

If someone sends you e-mail asking about an item, please respond promptly and courteously. It's simply good business. Remember, when you receive questions about your item by email you DO NOT REPLY to the email. All questions and your answers are posted on a mini message board attached to your item. You go there to post your reply. The email you receive with the question has a link to this question and answer board or you can click on "Ask Question or View Answers" on your item page.

Posting items on this and any internet venue is a legally binding action. Your are irrevocably promising, assuming you get one or more offers, to sell the item and ship it promptly after payment is received. Mutual trust between buyer and seller are what drives online commerce. We will not tolerate scammers or breakers of promises on this site. We expect you to be honest and truthful in the descriptions of posted items. Anyone abusing this Speed Shop will have their account cancelled promptly.

We charge very modest fees to sell items and there is no fee to buy items.


Why Do You Charge for Listing on The Speed Shop? (The Old Part Board was Great!)

Well, basically, so we can continue to exist as a site and provide the other free services which we currently provide and more which are planned for the future. First, let us be clear that no one has taken over ownership of the site. It is still run by Bill and Todd. This is a two person business. Bill has written a detailed letter about the reasons for building the Speed Shop. The old Part Board was great, but it was an administration headache which chewed up a lot of Todd's time and really wasn't that effective a sales tool. The best thing about it was that it was easy to post, not the same as being effective as a marketplace.

Basically, as the internet matures all sites will be forced to generate a revenue stream some way or die. We generate some revenue from commissions on car sales and advertising sales but we have not made a profit in any of the six years we have been in operation. Due to the economic downturn, advertising revenues have fallen sharply. We have two choices if we want to stay in business, either charge all visitors a subscription fee, or charge those users who actually make money off the site. We chose the latter. Any site out there will be faced with this choice eventually. Surfers have been conditioned to expect to be able to do things for free on the web, but those days are about to be over.

We think the Speed Shop is actually a much better way to sell parts and have put a lot of thought and effort into making it the best marketplace we could. Remember, free is not always better. We have explained all the reasons the Speed Shop is better than the old Board in The Speed Shop Advantage. Also, since we give you a sign-up credit your first few listings are going to be free anyway. We value your support and hope you will continue to visit the site. By supporting the Speed Shop you support the site and keep us going. Remember, it still doesn't cost anything to visit the Speed Shop or anywhere else on the site.


Why Do I need To Provide My Contact Information To Be Able to Sell?

Well, the biggest reason is so the buyer can send you the money! Our most popular payment method is still sending a check by mail even though we support Paypal and PayByCheck.com. We only provide your contact information to the buyer if he has agreed to purchase the item and has contractually committed to do so, in which case you also get his contact information. Again, we do not release your contact information to any third parties or anyone other than registered buyers who have agreed to purchase via check sent U.S. Mail. If a buyer doesn't honor this agreement let us know and we will revoke his registration. Also, if a buyer uses Paypal or PayByCheck.com we do not release your contact information. So, if you never want your information released, use online purchasing exclusively.


I Registered but the Post A New Item Login Won't Accept My Password

The most common reason for this is a typing error. Passwords (and usernames) are case-sensitive, meaning they must be entered using upper and lower case just as they appear in your registration email. We use difficult passwords but this makes your information on the Speed Shop more secure. If you want, you can change your password to something easier to type and/or remember using the Change Your Password form. You can cut and paste your registration password from the email into this form. You can also have your browser (if it is a recent version) automatically remember your password for you. On Netscape 7.x try Edit | Preferences | Privacy&Security | Passwords. On Internet Explorer 6.0 try Tools | Internet Options | Content | Auto Complete. Consult your browser help for more information.


Can I Post Multiples of the Same Item?

Absolutely! The Speed Shop is designed to support item quantities. You enter the number of items you have and the total is displayed in your listing along with the number sold. You can even enter "unlimited" if you are a manufacturer or have huge quantities. As each item is sold you are notified by email. The listing stays active until all items are sold or the listing duration you selected expires. If all the items are sold before the listing duration has expired the listing is closed early and you are notified by email.


How Do I Post Several Different Items?

The Speed Shop is designed so that all of the items in a listing must be of the same type. Items of a different type must appear in separate listings. However, the Speed Shop has special features to support listing multiple different items. Once you list your first item you have the ability to "List Another Item". If you do so, the form for providing item information has all it's fields defaulted to your last listing. This way you do not have to re-enter common fields like your identity, payment methods, etc. It makes listing multiple different items easy!


What If I Want To Receive Money Orders not Checks or PayPal?

If you don't want to accept checks and instead will only accept money orders still select Paper Check Via US Mail as a payment method. (You must select at least one payment method to complete a post). In your item description make it clear that you want payment in the form of a money order. Usually buyers will read the item description before they make the purchase! The mechanism for checks or money orders is the same, the buyer must register and the system then provides him with your address so he can send the payment and you get an email with his address for shipping. You also get his email address so you should immediately contact him to confirm that he will be sending a money order.


How Can I Draw Attention to My Listing?

You have four options for drawing attention to your listing. They are Bold, Highlight, Photo Listing, and Featured.

No Options: If you do not select any options your listing will appear along with other listings in it's category with the item number and title displayed like this. Any new listings are displayed with a icon for the first 3 day(s).

Bold: Your listing appears in it's normal category display but with the item number and item title displayed in a bold font like this.

Highlight: Your listing appears in it's normal category display but with the backgound of the listing line in a more prominant color  like this.
Bold and Highlight: If you select both your listing appears in it's normal category but with a colored background and bold text  like this.
Photo Listing: You have the option of uploading a photo to further enhance your listing. A small thumbnail of your photo will be displayed in any item lists in which your listing appears and the listing line will be taller than a non-photo listing. Your thunbnail listing of your item will also be displayed in the Photo Gallery, a page dedicated to all photo listings.

Featured Listing: If you decide to make your listing a featured listing you receive several high visiblility benefits. Your listing will randomly appear on the Speed Shop Home Page Featured Listings. This known as a rotation. (We cannot guarantee the frequency with which you listing will appear in the rotation, it is determined by the number of featured listings which are running on the Speed Shop at any time.) Your listing will ALWAYS appear in a special featured listing section which appears at the top of the listings in your category. Your listing will also still appear with the regular listings in it's category so you get a duplicate placement. If your listing is a Photo Listing, it will also appear on the Home Page Featured Gallery rotation (with the same caveat about frequency of appearance). Your Photo listing will also appear in the Featured Gallery section at the top of the Photo Gallery.

On your actual listing page you also have the option of selecting different colors for your item description. A little used but very powerful feature of the item description is the ablity to use HTML to add sizzle to your item description. See the next FAQ on HTML.


What Is This HTML Business In the Item Description and What Is It For?

HTML is the language used to control the formatting of web pages. We allow you to use HTML in your item description and you can use it to do things like change your text size, color, typeface, and format your text into separate lines and paragraphs. We have written a Very Simple Introduction to HTML to help you use this powerful feature. The introduction has a scratchpad where you can try different HTML coding and see the result.


Why Doesn't My New Listing Appear at the Top of the Item List?

Well, it does, sometimes. You're probably used to the old Parts for Sale Message Board with only one item list. The Speed Shop has many item lists with varying orders. The list of ALL items in a category lists the items in the order in which they will END, soonest first. This way, the items which are going away soon appear at the top. The list of NEW items in a category lists the items in the order in which they were POSTED, most recent first. Your item will appear at the top of this list right after you post it. The lists of ALL items and ALL NEW items in the entire Speed Shop are ordered similarly. Of course your listing will always appear at the top of the Parts Classic list, which we built due to popular demand and is a clone of the old Parts Board display.


Can I Change My Listing Once It Is Posted

Yes and no. You can change your company name, the item title, item description and description color, quantity, prices, and payment options. You can do this using the Seller Edit link on your listing. You can also delete your listing at any time should the item no longer be for sale. You cannot change the listing category or the listing options like Bold, Highlight, Photo Listing, or Featured so be sure you choose these correctly when you post the item.


What if My Listing Expires Before the Item is Sold?

Simple, you can easily re-post it. You are sent an email when the listing expires. Go to the Speed Shop and "View Your Closed Items". You will get a list of all of the items you have listed which have closed. Select the item you wish to repost and click the "Repost" button at the bottom of the item listing. You will be taken to a form similar to the one you used to list the item, however all of the fields are filled in. You can modify any field of the listing at this time, including the category and options. Note you have up to 30 days after the item closes to repost it before it is automtically deleted from the Speed Shop.


Everything I Do Requires a Login, Any Way Around This?

Yes, you can use your browser (if it is a recent version) to automatically fill in your username and password for you on the Speed Shop. On Netscape 7.x try Edit | Preferences | Privacy&Security | Passwords. On Internet Explorer 6.0 try Tools | Internet Options | Content | Auto Complete. Consult your browser help for more information.

We were very security conscious when we built the Speed Shop and we don't want the wrong people to be able to access your information or listings, hence all the logins. We could have used "cookies" to automatically log you in but many people are paranoid about the use of cookies so we decided against it. We may do this in the future. In the meantime, get a recent browser and let it do the login for you.


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