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Door slammer burn outs.
Tip #1046966516
Posted: Thu Mar 06, 11:01 AM EST
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Tech Tip

Here is something I see alot of, even from vetern racers: Door cars that pull in the water box in the puddle and spin the tire to get it wet, then pull out and start the burn out. The problem with this proceedure is it spins water into the wheel tub of the car and it sticks to the rubber in the tub, than once you have pulled to the starting line guess where the water that was in the top of your wheel tub goes? You guessed it right on top of the tire and the car spins after 1/2 a rotation. Try doing the burn out in the damp of the water box and dont spin the tires in the puddle. Its not neccassary even a 300 hp car with big tires can do a burn out on the damp pavment with no extra water. And just about any tire company will tell you the first shot on the tire is the best so think twice before you pull that holeshot behind the line. Its just one more run on your gear sets anyway. Good Luck.

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