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Reaction Time advantage. Peripheral Vision
Tip #1047447054
Posted: Wed Mar 12, 12:30 AM EST
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Tech Tip

Here is something that plagued me throughout the early years of driving, and there is an easy fix, pay close attention to the starting line where you race, bets are they have starters or track personel, standing right next to your car while you are at the starting line, some of you are saying thats no big deal right? Wrong. Get a practice tree and have everyone in the room be perfectly still, and quite, while you take 10 hits at the tree, now have someone stand off to your side and move about in a normal manner and take 10 hits at the tree, then average them out, you will see you are far more inconsistant, when you have movement next to you. In 1990 I started taping my helmet shield on the sides to make a blinder and block out all movement, I paint the shield nowmy driving improved 50% on the starting line. I have noticed so many tracks in todays time with peoplespectators standing right on top of you and it costing you races you might have won, even when I drive a door car, its with a full face helmet and thats the reason, dont take my word for it try it. You will be amazed at the results. Now that I have pointed this out, lets see how many of you will notice what I am saying, and make a stride toward better driving. Good Luck. Jim jr.

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