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The quest for a 9 second small block street car.
Tip #1046878927
Posted: Wed Mar 05, 10:42 AM EST
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Tech Tip

Hello to all, I have had this question asked of me more than 100 times in the past year and I have helped many of you along the way. But for those who do not know me let me introduce myself. My name is Jim Howe jr. I am 29 years old and a second generation Drag racer. I have won countless local and Big money bracket races, I am also a multitime national event winner in IHRA Top Dragster. I build a limited number of engines for other people every year. I have had a life time of help from the man I consider to be the sharpest out there my father Jim Howe sr. For with out him I would have started at the bottom and may never have gotten started. I have built several of these engines and have a developed a combination that not only works well but lives to tell about it, this can be achieved by a number of different componets and I will touch on that as I go along. The small block of choice for this combo is the 400 small block chevy I have also done this with the 351 windsor and a stroker kit to make it 396 ci. So we will use the chevy this time. A 509 cast block is my favorite do to the strength in the main webbing. A set of TRW piston #L2477, a set of H-beam eagle rods and the l-19 bolt upgrade, and a 4340 crank I have also used the stock cranks. As for cylider heads you have a choice of a few. I will outline performance at the end with choice of cylider heads. Now for camshaft, I have had great luck with the Lunati hydr roller cams, I have my own grind but will give you one that will get you in the nines. You will need a camshaft that is 248-254@50 on a 112 centerline and up to .600 lift. The intake and to be used is the Super victor or victor jr. And a out of the box 750 double pumper holley or larger up to the 950 HP. You are probably saying I am not be specific but I am telling you the least and the biggest all will yield you the result you are after. So lets talk about the car: A 3100 lb street car, 3.73 gear, 12.50x 28 ET street. A powerglide trans with 1.76 ratio and a convertor that will flash 3500 rpm. you need a good convertor this combo will drive right through a cheap one Now for performance: Fast burn GM heads with flame notch removed and milled to 51 ccs. ET 9.50s to .60s with a 175 hp plate. 041, 461 or the like GM IRON head. Milled to .58 ccs ET 9.60s to 9.90s. This is the first tech article I have ever written so please critique me and I will try to do my best to get my point accross. I like you am learning all the time. I can say I have a street car with similar componets with some port work on the Fast Burn heads that has ran 5.80s at 120 mph in the 1/8 mile on a 8.5 slick with a 200 hp plate, and is driven everyday weather permitting. This is a good solid foundation for a lethal street car. HAPPY WRENCHING. Jim

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