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Does Huang Mazhen s

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Author: wnmxgirvch   May 20, 2013 at 11:17:59  from

Does Huang Mazhen spend principal to break: of A Gui collect? Xiang?500 10 thousand 2 ace are optional 1 send graceful city
Sina sports dispatch a variety of evidence indicate, baluoteli turns in winter meeting window drop out joins in AC Milan<Small>gain], was to pull open graceful city merely<Small>gain]<Small>gain]What forward line shuffles greatly is prelusive. Because hope of this Wei Mian of sports season league matches is uncertain, ou Guanzhong is the group is washed out, sagacious division, Teweisi is A Gui collect even<Small>gain]What had been immersed in drop out hearsay is vortical in. No matter whether can Manjini continue to teach in next sports season graceful city, blue moon army group will be in for certain today of summer turn protagonist can be become on the market.
According to " daily star signs up for " divulge, emperor horse<Small>gain]Intended Cong Mancheng takes away A Gui collect, and not hesitate the two big forward in taking out a line Benzema or person because Yi melon will serve as exchange. A Gui collect is troublesome recently ceaseless, it is to get hurt first, come out again later " small 3 " red is heard, and the cummer of the much accept of farther-in-law Ma La that those who grab still is him. The not satisfactory influence below field arrived A Gui collect, bensaijiman of the city queasy and ceaseless the thought that also let A Gui collect move drop out. It is reported, although be being faced cling to Sa<Small>gain]strong competition, but emperor horse is painful to it may be said of A Gui collect next principal, to get A Gui collect, emperor horse nots hesitate take out n/COL the head of a family forward Benzema and Yi melon because, informal graceful city chooses a among them.
" daily star signs up for " say, for can chairman of horse of emperor of be reappointed consecutively, it is important that Fuluolundinuo prepares to brew brushstroke in this summer buy, in order to increase the chip that its are elected as, a Gui collect is a on list, in addition still include to heat up thorn<Small>gain]Wing shellfish Er<Small>gain]Etc. " daily star signs up for " explode makings say, emperor horse is right the quote of A Gui collect is 45 million pound, put a person to let graceful city, they still express to be able to mix Benzema Yi melon is joined because of one of two people in trading. Sports season is Benzemaben be in 44 infiltrate in each match 15 balls, but have 16 secondary attack, and because because carry absent on the back,Yi melon is in below the circumstance of 4 months, 32 each match infiltrates 13 balls. Well-known, before A Gui collect joins graceful city with social status of 38 million pound, emperor horse gets Argentine forward of purpose, and they are right nowadays it may be said of A Gui collect is situation in must.
Besides A the person such as collect of an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions, the another core in graceful city team inferior inferior - <a href="UR"L>Nike Shox TL3</a> graph Lei Ye is possible drop out. This Qian Yaya - graph thunder ever issued ultimatum to graceful city, if going up to renew the contract Saturday with respect to drop out, time already passed nowadays, still do not know bilateral negotiation at present how. Be in inferior inferior - after graph Lei Chuan gives drop out information, emperor horse and Parisian fiesta ear graceful<Small>gain]What be opposite this 29 years old is medium field commanding officer expressed strong interest. According to " lens signs up for " report, inferior inferior - graph thunder is in him refer was not made clear when future make known one's position, he says: "I go to Paris without the plan fiesta ear graceful. You know to draw near turn meeting window, can have such a lot of stories, we very profession, at present I had not come to an agreement with any clubs. I the player that now is graceful city, I can continue hard, such we can play this sports season well. Such we can play this sports season well..
Occupy additionally " tribal football " the message of cite Italy respect, graceful city blocks the tendercy of made of baked clay Buddhist nun in attention Naples forward as before. The Gu Ji in Naples trainer case is accepting when interviewing, confirm graceful city is in really try to get Kawani: "Kawani is us in the team a important, the club that any wanting that become stronger hopes to be able to get resembling Kawani such player, manjini expressed his appreciation to Kawani, dan Mancheng can not be exclusive a club that is interested in Kawani. Dan Mancheng can not be exclusive a club that is interested in Kawani..
Occupy Spain additionally " A Si signs up for " message, graceful city still is in and cling to Sa is contended for scratch line of meaning armour Rome 18 years old Ma Erkui of talent full back Niaosi. Ma Erkui Niaosi still has 4 years with Roman contract at present, yearly salary is not worth 1 million euro, it is no matter graceful city or cling to Sa expresses already clearly, they are willing to be Ma Erkui Niaosi opens a yearly salary of 4 times, namely 4 million euro (about 3.3 million pound) get full back of Brazil of this 18 years old of talents, and the yearly salary that besides this the pen does not poor, graceful city and cling to Sa still is willing to give 25 million euro (about 21 million pound) turn membership due gets nova of this latent capacity from Rome.
Occupy additionally " lens signs up for " divulge, the Belgian forward that graceful city still pulls a team to introduce this sports season to shine brilliantly from Aston dimension of purpose, had been regarded to be " animal of new evil spirit " Benteke. Benteke joined in with the social status of 7 million pound dimension is pulled last summer, place child sports season has been team to infiltrate in Ying Chaozhong 13 balls, and his doughty body, powerful wallop has let people general he and Deluoba<Small>gain]Compare. Graceful city once was introduced from Vera cling to in with Milner, they are stared at again nowadays went up to be overcome especially originally. Vera accumulates 30 minutes of platoons to be in at present a list of names posted up of Ying Chao integral is reciprocal the 4th, only banner protect class area 3 minutes, still have the risk that demote, although the bishop drills Lambert states Benteke is not,sell, but if dimension pulls true misfortune,demote, the Benteke that that very difficult also tarry has been taken a fancy to by a lot of rich and powerful family.
(Wood is plunged into)

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